White Fillings vs. Porcelain Veneers: How to Decide Which Option is Best for Achieving Your Dream Smile

White Fillings vs. Porcelain Veneers: How to Decide Which Option is Best for Achieving Your Dream Smile

Jul 01, 2023

Cosmetic dentistry is considered a personal choice for those who want to make their dream smile a reality. Veneers and dental fillings are cosmetic dentistry options that correct tooth imperfections such as injuries, decay, and discoloration. Our dentist in NW Calgary will first consult you and do a dental examination to determine which cosmetic treatment will meet your current need and goals. Here is more on white fillings and porcelain veneers as cosmetic dental options.

Understanding White Fillings

A dental filling is a non-invasive restorative treatment often used after tooth decay treatment. Fillings are filled in certain areas on your teeth to restore your bite balance, strengthen your teeth and reduce the risk of dental issues. Tooth decay treatment requires the removal of the decayed part from your tooth structure. Dental fillings can be categorized as metal and composite resin.

Metal fillings are made from silver amalgam or gold, while composite fillings (white) are made of a biocompatible mix of plastic and silica glass. Composite or white fillings can give your teeth a more natural appearance may you decide to have them on your front or back teeth. Because of dental technological advancements, dentists can use white fillings on front teeth where they are more noticeable.

Candidates for White Fillings

Before getting dental fillings near you, the dentist will examine your teeth, review your health history, take an x-ray and discuss your desired outcome. White fillings are recommended if:

  • You have a small cavity
  • Cracks
  • Pits in your teeth
  • Small tooth imperfection
  • To strengthen and provide durability to your teeth

Understanding Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain is an aesthetically pleasing dental material used for its natural look and ability to resist stains and damage. Porcelain veneers are thin and translucent dental shells used to enhance the appearance of the front layer of the tooth. Veneers can change your teeth’ shape, length, or color. One can have a single veneer placed if required or a set of six to eight if you want to enhance your whole smile.

Porcelain veneers are customized in a dental laboratory and color-matched to mimic natural teeth. Your teeth must be prepped and adjusted to achieve the desired minimum thickness after placing the veneers. One to three dental appointments may be required for planning the treatment before beginning the treatment. At our dentist’s office near you, we ensure that the procedure is comfortable and pain-free as possible by using local anesthesia.

Candidates for Porcelain Veneers

Only certain patients can get porcelain veneers. A dental examination will be done prior to the procedure to determine if you are appropriate for them. A veneer candidate wants to get rid of a specific dental imperfection. Everyone’s situation is different, but here are common reasons why you may be recommended a dental veneer.

  • Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth
  • Tooth gaps
  • Teeth discoloration that can’t be whitened
  • Deformed, oddly shaped, too small or pointed teeth

If you have the following dental issues, you may not be suitable for dental veneers

  • Decay
  • Gum disease
  • If you need a root canal

Maintaining Your White Fillings and Porcelain Veneers

  • Properly taking care of your fillings and veneers will increase their lifespan. Be conscious of what you eat. Hard, sticky, and chewy foods like candies, nuts, and popcorn can cheap, loosen or prematurely wear out your filings.
  • Floss and brush your teeth twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to provide extra protection from cavities and tooth decay.
  • Wear a night mouthguard if you grind and clench your teeth while asleep. They will protect your fillings and veneers from cracking or breaking.
  • Regular dental checkups twice yearly helps to prevent and treat potential dental issues. Additionally, checkups also include professional cleanings to keep your gums healthy and fluoride treatment to prevent cavities and decay.
  • Avoid using your teeth to open bottles, sachets, or crack nuts. Fillings and porcelains are solid and durable but not indestructible.
  • Tobacco is terrible for your health and teeth. It can stain your teeth to an ugly yellow color. To prevent this, avoid chewing or smoking tobacco.

At Springhill Dental, we offer affordable and effective restorative treatments to restore and enhance the appearance of your teeth. Please request an appointment at our dental offices near you for a consultation.

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