Top 3 Reasons to Choose Dental Bridge for Restoration

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Dental Bridge for Restoration

Aug 27, 2019

Do you have a gap in your smile, which embarrasses you? When people lose a tooth or more, they shy away from showing off their smile to others. Apart from social awkwardness, missing tooth can also make it difficult for you to chew your food and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Also, with the passage of time, the remaining teeth begin to shift.

According to the dentist in Calgary, there is no need to compromise with the situation and one should certainly opt for restoration. One of the ideal restoration options is dental bridges. They are time-tested and durable tooth-replacement option.

How Dental Bridges Work

As the name suggests, the bridge is a dental prosthetic, which bridges the gap created by tooth loss, says the dentist in Calgary. It comprises of three pieces, which fit together. There is an artificial tooth known as pontic, which sits in the empty space. It’s held in the place by a crown on either side, which is attached to teeth adjacent to the space.

When a Bridge is a Good Choice

According to dental bridges in Calgary, AB, though there are many options for tooth replacement, the reasons that make dental bridges the best choice for you include:

  • The teeth on either side of gap are strong enough for receiving a crown.
  • You are not ready for investing time and money in the dental implant process.
  • You want the stability of the prosthetic that are anchored to the adjacent teeth for support.

Call the Dentist to Learn About Your Options

The dentist in Calgary, AB, would be more than happy to assist you in taking decisions about dental care, which make sense for you. For replacing a missing tooth there are several other options, but you need to make the right decision. If you are confused about the decision, it’s better to see a dentist who can inspect your mouth and decide, which restorative option is the best for you. The dentist will discuss the options and treatment with you so that you can make an informed decision.

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