The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

May 23, 2019

You must have told you to need a dental crown but it doesn’t look the best solution. It offers many benefits as it can restore your oral health.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a custom made cap that covers the entire mouth from the chewing surface to the gum line and protects the root structure. Dentist T3B 5K1 restores the teeth with a dental crown and customize to match the existing teeth and brighten your smile.

Crown provides all the function like natural teeth. You will be able to eat, brush, chew and floss as you were doing before. With the right home-care and regular dental check-ups, crowns can potentially last for many years.

When do you need a dental crown?

Dentist in Calgary recommends a dental crown to restore your tooth when they become injured, fractured, chipped or infected and requires a root canal. A crown is fitted over the remaining tooth structure like a cap to protect the roots.

Visit a dentist in Calgary, AB for regular cleanings and check-ups. You may often avoid the situations that may cause the need for a crown. At every check-up, dentists screen your teeth for dental issues such as tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. They are easy to treat with less invasive treatment when detected early.

Top benefits of the dental crown

Custom made to suit your smile

Dental labs will design dental according to your specifications in terms of shape, size, colour and fit. It gives confidence as this individualized treatment will suit your needs, preferences and budget.

Enhance the appearance of your teeth

Dental crowns are used as part of restorative procedures but offer many cosmetic benefits. They fit over the tooth, instantly corrects discoloration, staining, etc. It can be used as an aesthetic treatment also.

When you need a dental crown, search a dentist near me and ensure they use the finest dental materials. You will be getting a restoration you can rely on for years to come. They can help you preserve and improve your smile.

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