White Fillings in NW Calgary, AB

It’s pretty hard to avoid having at least a few fillings at some point in your life. If you’re concerned about your appearance and how your teeth look when you smile or laugh, then the last thing you want is a glint of silvery metal showing! Thankfully, modern technology has made fillings that are functional and natural-looking a reality. Visit our dentist near you to learn more about white dental fillings.

White Fillings

There’s a difference, and you have a choice… ask us!

The modern alternative is a composite or white filling, so called because the material used can be made to match the natural shade, texture and translucency of your own teeth, giving you a much better appearance when you smile than a traditional amalgam “silver” filling would. Composite fillings are usually made from glass particles, synthetic resin, and a setting agent.

White fillings have been the material of choice for dental fillings for more than two decades. With advances in materials and techniques, these fillings are now even more natural looking, more polished, and have an improved combination of strength, finish, and longevity than ever before.

When is it Time to Replace Your Old Amalgam Fillings?

Old failing, black metal amalgam fillings can create potential problems within our teeth. Research has shown that old amalgam restorations and dental fillings create stress on the surrounding tooth structure, and in the end, teeth can crack and break down, or decay could leak underneath these fillings.

If treated early, teeth have a better long-term prognosis. At Springhill Dental, our NW Calgary dentist can advise when it is time to replace old amalgam fillings.

Are White Fillings Right for You?

White fillings are a great treatment option for many people. However, when teeth have larger holes or cracks, our dentist in NW Calgary may recommend using porcelain crowns or porcelain onlays to restore the tooth to full strength. Porcelain onlays and crowns are stronger, and will usually outlast white fillings. This returns the integrity to your tooth and helps to prevent fatal fractures and further breakdown that could lead to root canal treatment or extraction.

How Long Do White Fillings Last?

White Fillings may last from just a few years right up to a few decades. Generally, the smaller the filling, the longer it will last, as the bulk of the strength comes from the remaining tooth structure around the filling. Very large white fillings may eventually require replacement with a porcelain crown or onlay to rebuild the lost strength in the tooth.

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