Partial & Complete Dentures in NW Calgary, AB

Our dentist in Calgary uses dentures to replace surrounding tissues and missing teeth in your mouth. There are two different types of dentures available – partial and complete. Partial dentures are used when there are still several of the patient’s original teeth remaining, and complete dentures are used when the patient has no teeth remaining. Schedule a consultation with our dentist near you to see what option is best for you.


Complete or full Dentures

When talking about complete dentures or full dentures, there are two types- conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are created by our dentist in NW Calgary ahead of time and be placed in the patient’s mouth whenever their old teeth are removed. The disadvantages of having immediate dentures are that as your gums begin to heal, there will be some shrinkage, which causes the dentures to not fit as securely as they did initially. If conventional dentures are being made, they are usually placed in the patient’s mouth about eight weeks after the patient’s teeth have been removed. For most patients, immediate dentures should only be used as a temporary fix until they are able to receive their conventional dentures.

Complete dentures, also referred to as full dentures are worn by individuals when all of their natural teeth are missing. There are many reasons why someone may need complete dentures. Sometimes tooth decay or malnutrition results in teeth needing to be removed; other times, a car accident or work-related injury can result in someone needing dentures. Regardless of the reason, complete dentures are an ideal way to be able to continue such daily functions as eating, speaking, and smiling.

Permanent Partial Dentures in NW Calgary

Partial dentures are typically used by those to replace teeth that are missing most commonly due to a jaw-related accident, tooth decay, or malnutrition. Having gaps in the teeth can result in food and bacteria, forming in the empty spaces. Partial dentures are useful for filling these in, thus preventing tooth and gum decay. In addition to this, partial dentures are useful for hiding prominent tooth gaps, such as the ones in the front of the mouth.

There are many different types of partial dentures to choose from, depending on your unique situation. Our NW Calgary dentist can recommend the best type for you. If you only have a few missing teeth, a removable partial denture may be the best fit for you. These are dentures crafted to fit over your remaining teeth. The false teeth included are designed to go in the gaps between. These can be crafted as a bridge that goes across the roof of your mouth, or it can be fitted to attach to your back teeth to replace any teeth you would normally use for chewing.

Permanent partial dentures are those that are attached to the teeth through different means. In most cases, these include a metal or plastic clasp that fits snugly against your remaining teeth. In other cases, permanent partials are attached to the bone beneath via implants.

Schedule a consultation for partial or complete dentures today! Our office welcomes patients from the surrounding areas of Scenic Acres, Ranchlands, Northwest Calgary, Silver Springs, and Bowness.

We are opening with changes to keep you safe!

We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you, very soon! We will be opening our clinic for all your dental care needs on May 25th. Until then, we are still available for any emergency and urgent dental care you may require.

Our office will have a number of changes designed around giving you a safe, efficient and comfortable experience.

Here’s what to expect:

To book an appointment, please follow the steps below:

Call the office line:

Be prepared to answer the following questions;

  • Have you experienced a fever, cough, runny nose or difficulty breathing in the last two weeks, as we will need to know prior to booking?
  • Have you travelled outside of Alberta within the last 14 days?
  • Have you been diagnosed with covid19 or come in contact with a known covid 19 case?

What we will need from you:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and call the front desk at 403-297-0220. Please wait outside of the clinic in your vehicle and when you call us we will complete our Covid 19 screening questionnaire with you. We will then let you know when we are ready to see you. We are limiting access to our clinic to facilitate proper social distancing. Please also note that there will be no access to our washroom at this time to facilitate better infection control
  • Please come to your appointment wearing a mask.
  • Be prepared for us to take your temperature at the time of your visit using a no-contact thermometer
  • Be prepared to fill out a covid health questionnaire and consent for treatment form when you arrive.
  • If you have changes to your insurance, please call the office ahead of time to update this information.

Waiting Room:

  • Accompaniment of patients will be limited to one essential caregiver and one parent of minors; all others will be asked to wait in their vehicle outside the clinic.

What the clinic is doing to ensure your safety:

  • Enhanced cleaning methods with approved sanitization products
  • Hand Sanitization station-please clean your hands before your treatment
  • Staggered appointment times to allow for cleaning in between patients
  • Plexiglas barrier at the front desk to minimize exposure between staff and patient.
  • Tap payments (no cash payments will be accepted at this time)
  • All team members will be pre-screened before and when they arrive to work to ensure they are healthy to work. Any team member that does not pass the screening will be asked to go home. We are doing this to ensure we are keeping you and all our team members safe. All team members will be wearing the appropriate PPE at all times and employing high standards of hand hygiene and infection control
  • All service personnel and couriers will be screened and asked to sanitize when they arrive and all deliveries will be sprayed and stored to sanitize

The above changes may take some time to get used to and may seem overwhelming, but we are making them because the health of our patients and staff remains our top priority.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your support to help maintain a safe environment in our clinic.

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