Dental Bridges in NW Calgary, AB

A dental bridge uses the adjacent teeth as anchors to replace the teeth missing in the middle. As each treatment option comes with its own benefits and consequences, it is the responsibility of our dentist in Calgary, AB to help you understand what the best treatment option for you is.

Importance of Dental Bridges in NW Calgary

There can be several options to replace missing teeth and a Dental Bridge is one of them. Dental bridges may be ideal in cases where the adjacent teeth are already weakened or heavily filled and covering them with a strong material to create the tooth anchors helps to strengthen them as well. In some cases, if the adjacent teeth are not positioned correctly or display poor esthetics, a dental bridge can help treat these concerns at the same time.

Implants are typically an option for missing teeth as well but require sufficient bone in the missing space to allow for an implant to be placed. Very often, if the teeth have been missing for a long time, there may not be sufficient bone for our dentist in NW Calgary to place an implant. In this situation, a dental bridge may also be a good option.

Not replacing missing teeth can have an impact on your oral health and your bite/jaw health in the long run. Missing teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to drift and tip causing them to mal-align your bite which can cause the stresses from your bite to be distributed unevenly. This can lead to headaches and jaw aches due to the bite being changed. The adjacent teeth can also begin losing some of the supporting bone around them as the bone of the missing tooth starts shrinking away or as the teeth start tipping out of the bone. This loss of bone not only affects your dental health, but our teeth and bone create our facial shape and provide support to the cheeks and lips. Without these teeth and supportive structures our esthetic features can become sunken in creating a more aged appearance.

Dental Bridges

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If you present with any missing teeth and would like to learn more about all of the options, our dentist near you would love to sit down with you and help educate you on your options. Together we can determine what are the best options for you and help you restore a youthful and beautiful smile that allows you to feel confident all the while enjoying all of your favorite foods again!

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