How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures?

How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures?

Mar 01, 2022

Missing teeth affect your facial structure, chewing ability, and smile. Fortunately, dentures in NW, Calgary, are dentists’ prosthetic devices to replace missing teeth. Dentures are custom-made, removable, and suitable for people who have lost all of their natural teeth. It would be best to visit a dentist near you for an examination before getting dentures.

You can get dentures between six weeks and three months. Sometimes, the procedure may take longer if a dentist has to extract your teeth. This article discusses the steps in getting dentures. Kindly read along.

Preliminary Process

When you visit a dental clinic for dentures, the dentist will examine your teeth health am advise you on the best type of dentures. People with healthy teeth may get partial dentures, while some people will need a total mouth extraction to get complete dentures.

Tooth Extraction

If you qualify for complete dentures at a dental office in NW, Calgary, your dentist will have to extract the remaining teeth in your mouth. After an extraction, your mouth needs time to heal. Because dentists have to take an impression of your mouth to make the dentures, your mouth has to heal well enough; otherwise, it will result in improperly fitted dentures.

Depending on the individual, it may take six to eight weeks for the extraction site to heal sufficiently. Nevertheless, you still have to visit your dentist regularly to ensure your gums are healing well. Furthermore, you may get temporary or immediate dentures pending when your permanent dentures are ready.

Mouth Impression

After your gums heal from the extraction, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth to create a custom-made denture for you. The dentist will place a liquid or semi-solid material in your mouth during this process, fitting it over your dental arches. In a few minutes, the material becomes solid, with your teeth imprint and oral cavity.

After getting your impression, the dentist will establish your teeth’ orientation and bite using wax blocks. You will have to choose your new teeth’ shape, color, and size. This step is more straightforward because the dentist advises you on your mouth’s best shape and tooth structure.

How Long Does It Take For The Dentures To Be Ready?

After your dentist takes your mouth impressions, they send the impression to a dental lab. At the dental lab, a dental technician carefully makes the dentures. The dentures should be ready in a day or two. Afterward, you will have to visit the dental office in NW, Calgary, to try the dentures. When trying on the prosthetic teeth, the dentist will check the dentures for function, fit, and aesthetics. There is still room for minor changes since the dentures are made from soft wax. After effecting the necessary changes, your permanent dentures should be ready in two to three days.

Since the process for getting permanent dentures is lengthy, you may consider immediate dentures in the meantime.

Immediate Dentures

After your tooth extraction, you can get immediate dentures in NW, Calgary. However, the dentist must have taken impressions of your mouth before the extraction. Once your immediate dentures are ready, you can undergo teeth extraction. After the extraction, your dentist will carefully fit the dentures. Immediate dentures require special care because removing them too soon can cause problems because of swollen gums.


Dentures are suitable for replacing missing teeth. The condition of the remaining teeth determines the type of dentures you’ll get. If you’re getting complete dentures, you’ll have to undergo tooth extraction and allow it to heal before proceeding to the other steps, elongating the whole process.

If you have lost all your teeth to tooth decay, injury, or gum disease, visit Springhill dental to discuss with the dentists about dentures.

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