Dental Bridges: Your Time-tested Tooth Replacement Option

Dental Bridges: Your Time-tested Tooth Replacement Option

Mar 16, 2019

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and chew your favorite food items, dampen your smile and can make you a candidate for oral infections and issues in the long run. Your teeth can start shifting to fill the missing spaces in your mouth. Also, missing spaces in your gums can cause additional wear and tear on your other healthy teeth, making them prone to future dental issues.

A dental bridge is a form of a prosthetic which replaces a missing tooth and helps to restore your smile and functionality of your tooth. You should consult with your dentist in Calgary to explore options to fill the gaps between your teeth using a dental bridge.

Here are some facts about the dental bridge:

How Dental Bridges Work

A dental bridge acts like a dental prosthetic device which bridges the gap between teeth when a person has lost their tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is made from two dental crowns and a pontic.

The artificial tooth is referred to as the pontic which sits in the gap caused by the missing teeth. Then two dental crowns are placed on either side of the space where the bridge is positioned to keep them in place.

You can fix an appointment with your dentist in Calgary AB to further understand how installing a dental bridge can work for you.

Advantages of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridge offers people with missing a wide array of benefits. These include restoring your confident smile by filling the gaps between your teeth. It also allows you to properly to chew and eat your favorite food without putting additional strain on your other healthy teeth. The dental bridge also helps in keeping your healthy teeth in position and prevent them from moving from their natural position.

You can discuss the advantages of implanting a dental bridge with a dentist T3B 5K1

When to implant a Dental Bridge

If you have a healthy set of teeth which can support your dental bridge, it can be a viable option for a tooth replacement. Dental bridge offers sufficient stability to enable you to chew your favorite food comfortably. It will help your healthy teeth to stay in its position and prevent them from moving.

In case you wish to wave your missing teeth goodbye, type dentist near me in your Google search bar to fix an appointment with a dentist in NW Calgary AB and explore dental bridge options for you.

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