Are Dental Crowns The Right Option?

Are Dental Crowns The Right Option?

Oct 20, 2021

Searching for the best dental treatment can be a hassle sometimes. However, with the best information, you can get effective dental treatments without much stress. This article serves that purpose

Dental crowns or Teeth Crowns are dental restorative accessories used to cover or replace damaged or misplaced teeth. They belong to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. That means they can be used to restore your teeth structure and make your teeth structure look beautiful.

Dental crowns can be placed on the patient’s teeth by a dentist. They are one of the most common dental procedures. Dentists have been using dental crowns for teeth restorations for many years. With significant innovations in the dental world, new types of dental crowns now provide better treatments.

Why Dental Crowns

The truth is, to know about the benefit of dental crowns, you have to get a dental crown placement. Dental crowns can be very effective in many ways. You can get your dental crowns in Calgary, NW.

  • They Boost Your Confidence: Due to the missing teeth, you might feel uneasy when smiling and speaking in public with friends. However, a dental crown can complete your dental structure. You can also make it, so others know that you got a restoration by getting dental crowns that look like natural teeth.
  • They Make You Feel Comfortable: Missing teeth can cause biting issues. When eating, food might get stuck in the space created by the missing teeth, causing discomfort and pain.
  • They Can Fit Your Teeth Perfectly: Since dental crowns are custom-made to match your teeth’ color and size, you won’t have issues with awkward dental appearance and discomforts. Before getting a dental crown placed, the dentist would take an impression of your teeth to the lab, where your dental crown will be specially made for you. Isn’t that amazing?
  • They Can Enhance Your Oral Appearance: Dental crowns can complete your dental appearance. Missing teeth often look awkward. Getting a dental crown enhances your appearance.
  • They Are Very Durable: Dental crowns can last for many years. They are one of the most durable dental restorations, especially metal dental crowns. With excellent maintenance, a metal dental crown can last for a lifetime.

How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

Dental crowns are best placed with the help of a dentist. To get a dental crown placement, you have to consult the dentist to book an appointment. You can visit a dentist in Calgary, NW. At the dentist’s, you would be warmly welcomed and asked to get prepared for a dental examination. During the examination, the dentist would check for other dental problems that you might not know of. After your teeth are checked, the dentist will ask about your medical history. Medical histories help the dentist know about important health info like allergies because some people are allergic to metal; hence metal crowns can’t be recommended for such people.

To start the procedure, your teeth are shaped, and an impression of your teeth is taken to a dental technician to make the appropriate dental crown that would match your teeth perfectly. However, you will be getting the permanent dental crown during your next appointment. The dentist would place a temporary dental crown to fill up the space left by the missing teeth while your permanent dental crown is being made. On your second dental appointment, the temporary dental crown would be taken off, and the permanent dental crown would be placed. After the treatment, you can also see the dentist for guidelines on maintaining your dental crowns properly. It might interest you to know that with good maintenance, dental crowns can last for many years. If your dental crown gets damaged, see the dentist immediately because faulty dental restorations can harm your oral health.

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