All You Should Know about Dental White Fillings in Calgary

All You Should Know about Dental White Fillings in Calgary

Feb 01, 2020

Dental filling is not a new concept in dentistry. It has been used over the years to remedy tooth decay and cavities. As researchers keep on with new ideas and innovation, dental care has improved. There are now diverse materials that can be used for filling teeth. Other than the traditional metal fillings used, white fillings are becoming widely popular.

What Are Dental White Fillings?

They are a special type of dental fillings. They are used in the same way as traditional tooth fillings to restore decayed teeth.

Still, ​white fillings in NW Calgary, are different from all the other types. The differences are marked by the material used. Other dental fillings feature materials ranging from gold and amalgam to ceramic and porcelain tooth fillings.

While fillings, on the other hand, feature a mix of glass and plastic. A dentist T3B 5K1 WI recommends these fillings to patients that are aesthetically conscious and concerned about their treatment. The white tooth fillings are invisible because of the blend of the materials. This trait makes them blend perfectly with natural teeth.

Who Is a Viable Candidate for White Tooth Fillings?

A ​dentist in Calgary will observe and analyze the level of damage on your teeth. The diagnosis will then dictate whether fillings are suitable for you or not. Once you are cleared by the dentist near you for fillings, then you are a suitable candidate for the white fillings. Usually, white dental fillings are preferred for their cosmetic advantage.

The oral situations that dictate the use of dental fillings include:

  • Tooth cavities a d dental decay.
  • Damaged tooth
  • Root canal therapy

However, for you to be cleared for white dental fillings, your dentist will consider the following factors:

  • The extent of your tooth decay – severe tooth decay is not best treated with dental fillings. You may require a tooth extraction process, among other oral interventions.
  • The location of the damaged tooth – front teeth benefit the most from white dental fillings than back teeth.
  • Condition of your smile – if you have several teeth that are damaged and infected, you may need dental crowns over dental fillings.

What Are the Benefits of White Dental Fillings?

Many oral filling types can be used in restoring decayed teeth. For you to choose white dental fillings over all others, there must be a solid reason. Here are some of the convincing benefits that influence patients’ choices:

  • Cosmetic advantage – it is the leading reason why people prefer white oral fillings than other types. Their ability to blend well with natural smiles complements them suitably. Besides, the last thing you want is to have a gray-silver residue, particularly on your front teeth, after dental treatment.
  • Durability – the blend of glass and plastic in the white fillings form a sturdy material. It can last between 7-10 years. The better care you accord them, the longer they last. Besides that, the white fillings are resilient to bacterial attacks. This lowers your chances of getting recurrent cavities and decays on your teeth.
  • Quick procedure – you mustn’t devote two or more days for dental visits to get your white dental fillings. The procedure is quick and can be performed on the first dental visit. Your dentist could take 30 minutes or less to apply your white dental filling and you are ready to go.
  • Non-allergic material – hardly anyone complains of allergic reactions to white dental fillings. This may not be the case for other materials of oral fillings, for example, amalgam.
  • Versatile usage – white dental fillings are not just used to restore a decayed tooth. They can also be used as a cosmetic solution to changing the color of your teeth. Even the shape of a tooth can be improved with white fillings.
  • Resistance to wear – the strength of the white fillings is admirable. They are bonded directly to the surface of a tooth with special cement and curing light. This makes it strong and improves resistance to wear.

Costs and Insurance Coverage

Dental Fillings are usually covered by insurance plans. However, for white fillings, your insurance may only cover the cost if they are used for front teeth. As for the back teeth, insurance companies tend to cover silver dental fillings over white dental fillings.

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